Landscape Fabric FAQ - When to use Weed Tarp

Clients often wonder when it is best to use Weed Cloth/Landscape Fabric. It can be a helpful tool when installing your newly designed landscape project. Here are a few key points to consider if it is necessary for your design.

Quality Selection Tips:

  • Choose a non-woven geosynthetic textile fabric.  Do not use plastic!

  • Don’t choose the cheap stuff that will only last a season.

Reasons to Use:

  • Helps to deter weeds from growing up into your beautifully designed landscaping.

  • Acts as a separation barrier for the landscape rock and soil, so the stone doesn’t get pushed down into the soil.

  • Reduces the need for herbicides as weed control.

  • Best for use with landscape rock (inorganic mulch).

  • Allows water absorption into the soil, which helps to keep moisture in the ground for plants.

Installation Tips:

  • Do not use in garden beds where plant movement is frequent.

  • Fabric must be covered with mulch or it will deteriorate with UV exposure. 2”-3” coverage is recommended.

  • Helpful to apply a preemergent to the soil prior to laying the cloth. This aids to inhibit weed growth down through the fabric.

  • Landscape fabric does require some maintenance.

Applications Where it is Not Necessary:

  • Not as necessary for arid/desert climates as it is for wetter regions.

  • Not as necessary when using organic mulch, as it inhibits nutrient transfer into the soil.

Weed tarp was not used under the rocks in this installation. Weed growth is present.

Landscape Fabric placed under the stone to prevent weed growth and keep rocks from settling into the soil.

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