Water-wise Designs

Have you considered the importance of stone to help reduce irrigation evaporation?

As you design a new landscape or rethink a current one, the importance of sustainable landscaping continues to shape our culture. Entering the warm months of summer increases our awareness of being water-wise in a drought sensitive Southern California. You will be your client’s hero as you aesthetically design with quality stone while meeting their water conservation needs.

What are the benefits of planning your design to include decorative stone?

  • Low Maintenance & Durability – stone does not need yearly replenishing as mulch and bark does.
  • Weather Resistance – withstands the seasonal elements.
  • Adds Beautification – curb appeal and aesthetics are key components in landscape design.
  • Reduces water run-off and erosion. Aids in water drainage.
  • Limits weed growth.

When coupled with the sustainability needs for your design, it is suggested to use:

  • Drought tolerant and native plants that are regionally appropriate and address low resource consumption.
  • Proper irrigation needs for the plants.
  • Grouping plants with similar water needs.

Position the landscape stone accordingly with regard to type, size and shape around the plants to achieve the goal of reducing water run-off and evaporation. When you add value to your project with the use of decorative stone, your client will flood you with praise!

Use the DSS Coverage Calculator to determine the stone needs for your project.

Here are a few project highlights for inspiration, and many more can be found in our Design Gallery.

Target - Van Nuys, CA

So Cal Gas Company - Anaheim, CA

Five Point Gateway-Broadcom Campus - Irvine, CA

6th & Hawthorne - San Diego, CA

Decorative Stone Solutions Inc. leads the way by promoting the aesthetic, economic, and environmental benefits of landscaping stone. Our staff is here to help! Contact us at the information below.

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