Mission Statement

Decorative Stone Solutions Inc. leads the way by promoting the aesthetic, economic, and environmental benefits of landscaping stone, by way of education and service, to installation contractors and design professionals alike. We strive to pair the most appropriate stone to each project’s requirements while offering the broadest selection and best value in the industry. Our continuous pursuit of excellence through gathered knowledge and implementation will maintain the strengths of this organization.

Guiding Principles of All DSS Colleagues

Honesty and Integrity

Reputation is everything. In all we do, whether between colleagues, prospects, customers, vendors, or any other party, we operate with honesty and integrity. 

Align best interests of the Company and Customers

We believe the most enduring success comes when we create win-win scenarios with every customer interaction. This mindset ensures collective success for all. 

Mindful of Others Time

We know what is expected of us and we make it happen. We know our role and respect our colleagues’ time. 

Attention to consistency and detail
We prioritize attention to consistency and detail in all aspects of our operations, ensuring that every task, communication, and deliverable reflects our commitment to excellence and reliability.

We are not busy. We are productive

We are deliberate in our work and make every minute count. We do so by encouraging focus on meaningful tasks that drive progress and value, rather than simply filling time with activities.

Take Initiative

We empower our team members to proactively identify opportunities, solve problems, and drive progress without waiting to be directed. Ultimately fostering a culture of ownership and innovation where taking initiative is highly valued.