What types of decorative stone are commonly used for landscaping?

Common types of decorative stone used for landscaping include gravel, pebbles, boulders, flagstone, slate, and river rock.

How much does it cost to install the decorative stone?

The cost of installing decorative stone depends on the type and size of the stone, the area to be covered, and the contractor's labor rate. However, it is best to contact a local contractor and discuss your project needs to get an accurate cost estimate.

What are some popular uses for decorative stone in landscaping?

The popular uses for decorative stone in landscaping include the creation of garden paths, retaining walls, ground covers, fire pits, seating areas, walkways, dry streambeds, hand seeded concrete, naturalistic site boulders, and many more.

What kind of maintenance is required on landscape groundcover stone?

Regular maintenance of landscape groundcover stone includes weeding and raking or blowing, as well as periodic removal of moss, dirt, and debris. Additionally, check areas for any signs of erosion or stone movement and shift them to ensure the stones are providing the proper coverage.

Are there any environmental benefits to using decorative stone?

Yes, using decorative stone provides many environmental benefits. Some of these include:

  • Providing a permeable paving surface, which helps reduce runoff and improve water quality

How do I calculate the cost of purchasing stones from Decorative Stone Solutions

To calculate the cost of purchasing stones from Decorative Stone Solutions, please utilize our coverage calculator function to add the required amount of stone to your quote (Cart) and submit the request to DSS.  We will then get back to you with an estimate for your project or follow up to gather any other necessary info prior to quoting.  You can also reach out to us by phone (800) 699-1878 or email:

What is the process for ordering and receiving stone from Decorative Stone Solutions?

1. Contact Decorative Stone Solutions to discuss your project and receive a quote. 

2. Accept the estimate verbally or electronically in our customer portal

3. Place your order by providing a Purchase Order or payment information (Depending on your payment terms with DSS) and specifying the quantity, size, and type of stone needed. 

4. Decorative Stone Solutions will ship the stone directly from the quarry to your specified address. 

5. Inspect the stone to ensure it meets your requirements upon receipt.

How do I determine the amount of decorative stone I need to order?

Decorative Stone Solutions has made this process accurate and easy with the developement of our coverage calculator tool. All you need to come prepared with is the square footage and depth to be installed and the calculator will do the rest.  The result will be the number of tons needed for your project.  Every one of our products’ densities have been measured in-house, ensuring you end up with the most accurate calculation in the industry.

*Note* We do not sell by the cubic yard as all material produced at quarries is measured in tons.

How do I select the suitable decorative stone for my project?

When selecting a suitable decorative stone for your project, it is important to consider the type of project, the environment it will be used in, and the desired style or aesthetic. Also, the stone's durability, color, texture, size, and cost are other factors to be considered. Viewing our Design Gallery is a great way to get design inspiration and see what products have been used in similar projects to your own. Our knowledgeable staff are happy to review your project requirements and recommend specific products that match your needs.

How long does it take to receive my decorative stone order?

Most of our deliveries occur within a 1-3 business day window once an order is placed.  There are, however, instances where due to product availability, long distance freight, weather, or other natural forces deliveries can take 5-7 business days from point of order.  These delays will always be communicated to our clients in advance.

Are there any special delivery instructions I need to provide when ordering decorative stone?

A majority of our products are delivered loose in bulk with dump trucks. Your project site must allow various types of dump trucks to safely back into a dump landing area which is either flat or slightly uphill or downhill (No sidehill offloads).  The area must be clear of overhead obstructions so the dump bed can rise safely without interference. We also require that a representative is present to accept material delivery and instruct drivers where to offload material.


What is the typical cost of ordering decorative stone?

The typical cost of ordering decorative stone depends on the type of stone and the quantity being ordered. Generally, the cost ranges from $50 and can go up to $450 per ton delivered to the jobsite.