Who Is DSS And What Do They Do?

Decorative Stone Solutions (DSS) separates itself from other landscape stone suppliers by specializing in quarry direct shipments. With few exceptions, we do not inventory the products we offer. The majority of our business is geared to servicing those needing quarry direct shipments of larger amounts of stone. The quarry direct system of material delivery eliminates the need to “touch” the material more than once. Each “touch” adds costs to the final product price, not to mention the energy resources consumed to accomplish these touches. While this model does contain some limitations, the competitive advantages for larger scale projects far outweigh any associated disadvantages

  • We do not have the need for supplementary staff in order to cater to the retail market “homeowners”; instead DSS deals with the design professional and the installation contractor.
  • Not being tied to a physical retail location also allows us to operate in a larger geographic area, typically the entire Southwestern U.S.
  • Relationships and experience built over many years in this industry allow us to utilize the most cost effective material on a given job as well as arranging the least costly way of having it delivered to the jobsite. This is important because freight is more expensive than material in most instances.
  • These factors contribute to a significantly lower overhead than our competitors and allow us to work on tighter margins which mean: Lower price of products to you.

At the most basic level, Decorative Stone Solutions’ function is to pair the most appropriate stone with the project requirements. In this business that means price, color, size and shape. Our database of quarries is extensive and continuously growing as we currently service the entire Southwestern United States.

Decorative Stone Solutions performs very valuable functions to the project designer, installation contractor receiving the product, and the quarry producing the product. These functions need to be recognized and appreciated by all parties involved as they include:Sales DSS operates between landscape architects, landscape contractors, and stone quarries, providing a valuable service to all. Stone quarries save on the cost of marketing to landscape contractors and architects, while both contractors and architects engage us for specific projects and requirements, letting us do much of the legwork for them.

In other words DSS finds customers for the producer and product for the customer. We are providing material for jobs all across the country to end users the producer could never hope to visit while providing information on new and exciting stone products and other supplies that may have other wise gone unknown. Everybody wins!

What DSS Can Do For You?

With just one phone call, fax or website inquiry, you can completely fill your project’s stone material list. We work with over 200 different quarries to supply you with the right stone to complete all your jobs professionally, on time, and within budget.

You more than likely spend too much time and encounter too many hassles simply trying to find the correct landscape stone materials to complete your jobs. Not to mention getting all those items out to the job site when you need them. Knowing that time is money and that the true cost of materials goes far beyond the item’s unit price, DSS assists in minimizing these hidden costs of procurement. By utilizing our experts to do a lot of your legwork it allows you to focus on those activities that increase business, build your reputation, and ultimately price your services more effectively for profitability.

We recognize how hard it is to be knowledgeable on so many different stone subjects – colors, sizes, quarry locations; the list goes on and on! The Decorative Stone Solutions professionals are just a phone call away. You’ll get practical advice from seasoned industry veterans to help you solve the rockiest landscape issues you face in the field. You now have access to the best knowledge in the business.

All this is why landscape professionals are turning to Decorative Stone Solutions as their prime source for the most extensive selection of landscaping stone materials delivered direct to the job site.