Colorful Durango Boulders for your landscape

The Durango Boulder product from Decorative Stone Solutions offers warmth and life to any project. Durango product are multicolored: including a mixture of lavender, deep purples and pinks, along with hints of gold. **Note that the colors produced may vary based on the quarry vein currently being mined. When Durango products are delivered directly from the quarry, one will often encounter a tinge of reddish dust covering the material. This rinses off easily with a low pressure water or rain shower.

Available Sizes

At DSS, you can find a wide range of available Durango Boulder sizes. So, whether you are a installation contractor or a landscape architect dealing with landscaping construction and design, be assured your desired size will be available. Quality Durango boulders are available in size ranging from 1 foot up to 6 feet. While the boulder version is the largest, the Durango family of products is available in the smaller sizes of:


Our Durango boulders are of premium quality and will hold up in the most demanding of installations, including aquatic ones. These boulders create a colorful theme on projects in which they are used. Feel free to express your creative side with this unique boulder.

Please consult with us at DSS for help with select the correct sizes of Durango boulders for all residential and commercial projects.

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