Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles- a great way to renovate interior or exterior spaces

Mixed beach pebbles are hand-picked from the beautiful beaches of Baja, Mexico. The multi-colored pebbles feature a sparkling spectrum of grey, blue, red, buff, and black colors, exactly as the appear on the beaches. They will brighten and add color variation for both exterior landscaping and interior design purposes. These pebbles are round and smooth in shape and surface. Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles from Decorative Stone Solutions have been hand selected for a consistent size, ensuring you and your customer of a high quality product.

Available Sizes:

At Decorative Stone Solutions, you will get beautiful mixed beach pebbles in the given sizes:

Multiple Uses of Mixed Beach Pebbles

If you are a designer or installation contractor looking for unique pebbles, we get you covered. At Decorative Stone Solutions, you can find an extensive selection of Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles. As with most of our products there are many different uses of Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles for which you can buy in bulk from DSS.

  • Add color to an otherwise plain xeriscape.

  • Construct beautiful pathways

  • Concrete inlays for driveways

  • Groundcover in the landscape

  • Drystream beds

  • Roofing

These pebbles serve multiple purposes and comprise numerous applications. They get used often as lawn replacements. In addition, they are ideally suited for the ground covers. Besides this, one can also use them to spread around trees, ponds, driveways, pools, patios, and between pavers in walkways. Larger sizes can get placed in masonry walls & mosaic paving.

Want to decorate your customers’ yards or revamp the roof? Consult with DSS today.

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