Beautiful Red Mexican Beach Pebbles available from DSS

Amongst all the Mexican Beach Pebble colors the most rare and arguably the most beautiful color is the Red Beach Pebbles.  If you want to offer customers a unique and striking landscape stone option, consult with Decorative Stones Solutions. We offer these pebbles to installation contractors and architects on small and large scales.

About Red Mexican Beach Pebbles:

Red Beach Pebble is the most expensive and rarest form of Mexican beach pebble. It’s a unique amalgamation of purple and burgundy color that isn't truly red in color. They do however create a striking setting for most landscape applications. The color and unique smooth round shape is what makes this beach pebble a visual masterpiece. Owing to the rarity and high demand, red beach pebble is limited in availability.

Available Sizes

Decorative Stones Solutions makes your search for red beach cobbles easier. At DSS, you will find the larger sizes to be more readily available than the smaller sizes. We deliver these pebbles to B2B to landscape professionals who deal with landscaping constructions & design. We have 4 different sizes available, including:


You can visit our projects page to learn more about landscaping ideas with these pebbles. Buy them from us in bulk or in bags to improve your outdoor design.

  • Renovate the office park

  • Dry riverbed

  • Around landscape plantings

  • Used in Xeriscaping 

  • Beautifying drainage systems 

However your creative mind decides to use these stones be sure to use them sparingly in accent type areas as this premium product will get expensive and can look a bit monochromatic when used in large flat areas as groundcover.

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