Beautiful Buff Mexican Beach Pebbles from Decorative Stone Solutions

If you are an landscape architect or a landscape contractor, you cannot undermine the elegance of the Buff Mexican Beach Pebbles. The buff beach pebbles typically tend to be creamy beige to light brown with some pastel mixed in for good measure. One of the key highlights of the buff beach pebbles is their naturally rounded and smooth finish. This makes the buff beach pebbles one of the most attractive landscape groundcover materials. Buff beach pebbles are versatile. Hence, you have numerous ways to customize the project you’re working on.

Available Sizes:

At Decorative Stone Solutions, we have buff beach pebbles in various sizes. Probably the most popular sizes of these pebbles are the 1/2 to 1 inch, 1 to 2 inches, and the 2 to 3 inch products. This size range is suitable for spreading across the smaller areas. Moreover, you can buy larger sized Buff Mexican Beach Cobbles from us. These pebbles are suitable for use masonry walls, gabions, or laid in a linear fashion as a border material.

Note that buff beach pebbles are more uniform in size compared to other stones. However, you should always expect some degree of variations. You can consult us for the size guide related to buff beach pebbles. 

Uses of Buff Beach Pebbles

For landscape contractors and architects buff beach pebbles have numerous uses like:

  • Lawn replacement 

  • Erosion control 

  • Water retention in a project 

  • Creating rock gardens 

  • Designing pathways 

  • Developing weed control in gardens 

  • General groundcover applications

With its light color the buff beach pebbles can protect underlying soil from high temperatures. It can also protect the soil from external factors. Architects rely on buff beach pebbles for xeriscaping. They also provide a soft, smooth feel when used in aquatic environments and swimming pools. To learn more about buff beach pebbles contact Decorative Stone Solutions.

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