Large scale turf reduction projects

Recently DSS has supplied several large scale turf reduction projects.  It is becoming routine in Southern California to see large swatch of water thirsty turf grass being replaced by inorganic ground cover and drought tolerant plants.  This is happening both at the commercial and residential level.  DSS is the best option for those expansive commercial or large scale residential projects.  Have a look at a couple of our most recent below.

This is at the parking lot of the private Lake Mission Viejo in Orange County.  All the planter sections were previously turf. Desgin was done by RJM Design Group.  Install by O'Connell Landscape Maintenance

The project above is a commercial building that had expansive lawn in its entry previously.  Now it has bands of various sizes and colors of decorative rock and low water usage plants  .Design by LandLab.  Install by Brickman Group

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