Create a landscaping focal point with Baja Cresta Gray boulders

The Baja Cresta Gray Boulder is not only only a visually striking landscape boulder but it is extremely economical for projects in the Southern California region.  Churning with vibrant gray, white, and iron eruptions, these boulders are favorites among contractors, landscapers, and architects. DSS frequently supplies large quantities of these high-quality Baja Cresta Gray Boulders for landscapes of all sizes. 

If you are looking for muted yet colorful boulders to fill the space in a landscape design, Look no further than Baja Cresta Gray Boulders. The Baja Cresta Gray family of products are not only available as boulders but also as: rubble/rip rap, decorative gravel, and DG.

Available Sizes 

At Decorative Stone Solutions, we have Baja Cresta Gray Boulders in a wide variety of sizes. The boulders start at around 2' at the smallest and go up to 6' for the largest used for landscape purposes.

*Please note that Baja Cresta Gray Boulders are available in sizes up to 12' as special order specimin or monument pieces. Pieces of this size and weight require special handling at the quarry and jobsite, not to mention specialized trucking to get them from point A to B. All of this add significant additional costs to pieces larger than 6'.

Uses of Baja Cresta Gray Boulders 

One of the key highlights of our Baja Cresta Gray Boulders is their versatility. When used in a landcape boulders will help you draw attention to certain areas of the project. Boulders tend to be more attractive and naturally realistic when placed in odd numbered grouping. Landscape architects, cosistently utilize our Baja Cresta Gray Boulders to create a bit of drama in a property’s exteriors.

Boulders are also functional and you can use them for creating retaining walls on a sloped property. Baja Cresta Gray Boulders can also help with avoiding soil erosion, especially where high velocity water is present such as building downspouts during heavy rain.

Find out more about our Baja Cresta Gray Boulders by contacting us.

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