Inorganic vs Organic Mulch

*Note* We understand both materials have their place and we are not trying to start a war with the mulch suppliers out there.


Here are some of the advantages of using rock “inorganic” mulch in place of organic “wood/bark” mulch



  • Organic mulch requires a lot of upkeep as it can easily be swept away by wind and rain or covered in dirt. Rock, on the other hand, doesn't require nearly as much upkeep.

  • Unlike organic mulch, rock mulch does not break down or decompose, eliminating the need for regular replacement. In fact we regularly see landscapes with rock mulch that are still performing well 30-40 years after installation.

  • The lack of organic matter in stone mulch minimizes the nutrients available for weed growth. This reduces the need for frequent weeding or herbicides, resulting in lower maintenance requirements and a more visually appealing landscape.

  • Blower maintenance: when using a leaf blower for landscape maintenance, decorative stone and rock does not displace easily as bark or chipped wood.

  • Rock mulch can withstand heavy use and foot traffic without easily degrading or breaking apart, making it a superior choice for pathways and maintenance strips.


  • More color options available:  There are literally hundreds of natural colors of stone mulch available that aren’t treated with questionable dyes like some colored wood products.

  • More size options: From small particle DG to the largest boulders and everything in between, inorganic mulches are screened to size at the quarry to meet your specific needs.

  • More texture options: Whether you want something flat, round or angular, rest assured there is a stone option that will suit your landscape.  

Great for warm weather areas:

  • Rock gardens are perfect for most succulents as they promote drainage and provide a nice, warm nest for root growth.   Succulents fare much better with rocks compared to mulch. Succulents grow better in fast-draining soil that doesn't retain moisture and humidity, but this is exactly what mulch does. Rocks will create a better-growing environment for plants used to desert conditions.


Erosion Control: 

  • Rock mulch, especially crushed angular stone, is a much more effective solution in areas prone to soil erosion than organic mulch. The interlocking nature of the crushed rock helps stabilize the soil and prevents erosion caused by rainwater runoff. 

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