Also available in: Non-Stabilized D.G., Stabilized D.G.,

Mother Earth has bestowed us with natural stones and embracing them into your home design is a great affair. California Gold pebbles are great for decorating your residential and commercial space’s interiors. Give your house a refined look with these pebbles from Decorative Stone Solution. At DSS, we aim to bring premium quality stones built by a natural process. You can avail of these pebbles in non-stabilized D.G. and stabilized D.G.

Sizes Offered by DSS
Decorative Stone Solution offers a wide range of sizes when it comes to California Gold pebbles. From us, you can get these pebbles. Here are the sizes available to us:

  • 3/8 inch
  • 3/4 inch
  • 2 inch

California Gold pebbles – Available Colors
These pebbles are an outstanding unique mixture of beautiful mutated two colors:

  • Warm yellow gold
  • Dark brown patches

In short, California Gold crushed pebbles are a beautiful amalgamation of sunny beige to golden tan & brown hues with moderate russet oxides found in veins.

You can use it in the pathways, groundcover, driveways, roofing, as well as landscaping. All in all, the angular rock has gold, white, and tan color tones. Please consult us at DSS to avail yourself of the California Gold in bulk.
How to Use California Gold crushed pebbles?
Consult us to get economical solutions by buying these pebbles in bulk. We promise to deliver the most premium quality California Gold crushed pebbles at affordable prices. Renovate your interior space and add these rocks for different purposes, including:

  • Beautify the desert
  • Construct pathways
  • Install a new design in driveways
  • Groundcover
  • Roofing
  • Landscaping

Choose the angular rock with gold, white, and tan tones from us. We sell them in bulk. Consult us today.