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We at Decorative Stone Solutions, Inc are proud to introduce to the landscape world our new, completely redesigned website  Live as of January 4th 2016, this new site brings DSS to the very front of the class in the landscaping stone supply industry.  We have added some industry first functionality to a site that allows viewer to see our stone products as if they were physically in front of them.  As has been our goal from the very beginning, DSS has developed this site along with our sample box set to be the tools for the industry professional.  There are tools here for the designer and installer alike.  While we really want you to take some time to navigate through the site at your own pace and direction, we'd like to take this opportunity to point out some of the key features that will make landscape contractors and landscape architects/designers return to the site for stone selection time and again.


Of particular interest to the design community are:

Product finder tool- this tool is accessed by clicking on our products header directly instead of choosing one of the drop down categories.  This will lead viewer to a faceted search page where one can sort all of our products by shape, size and color in order to fine tune your search for the product offerings that match the design criteria.

Work board-  Once a desirable product is located, viewer has the option to add any number of products to their personal work board.  Once on the work board products can be resized and moved around the page in any way viewer wished.  Viewer may save work board to their personal machine or fill out fields and print out for themselves or client.  This tool is especially well suited for material selection where viewer needs to see several products side by side in order to make final selection.  Its other main use can be for saving several images on the same page from our design gallery which reflect a desired design theme.

Design Gallery-  A source of inspiration where designers and installers alike can view how others have used our products in past projects.  Viewer can use a filter to narrow choices to only the types of applications they are interested in.  Multiple images of projects can be viewed as a manually advancing slide show.  All images can be added to work board feature.  We like to give credit to the design and install team in this section, so please send us images of your projects utilizing our products so we can post your work.

Many of the tools listed below for installation contractors can also be helpful for the design team.


In addition to the features listed above for the design pro we've integrated the following tools specifically for the installation contractor:

Coverage Calculator:  We aren't talking about a simple chart showing giving coverages for general sizes of products.  We have a coverage calculator built into each one of our products.  All viewer needs to do is find a product they are interested in, hit the coverage calculator icon, and enter the square footage and depth to be installed.  They are rewarded with a quick and accurate idea of how much material they can expect to need for area.  Viewer can then proceed to the next exciting function of adding the necessary amount to their shopping cart.

Shopping Cart:  We all know that not many rocks fit in an actually shopping cart, so we've created a dump truck in its place in the upper right corner of the page.  Once viewer has successfully found a product and determined quantity needed, it can be added to their shopping cart/dump truck.  As many products as needed can be added and when finished they send their dump truck full of rock back to our office (request a quote) so that we can work out pricing and get back with a formal quote.

Product Spec Sheets:  Also called cut sheets, these are available to save or print off our website for each product to submit to owner/architect for product approval prior to final order.


We feel that the features above along with vivid, realistic images will keep viewers in the industry returning to our site after the initial visit.  Please click on any of the links above or go to to get your introduction to our new site.

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